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La Superiore Baci Di Dama Lemon Chocolate (12 x 200g)

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Product Code: BS421 Carton Qty (Units): 12Unit Size: 200gGST Applicable: YesRegion: Campania Categories: , , ,

Made using the same ingredients for Baci di Dama Chocolate, these hazelnut biscuits are filled with a delicious combination of lemon and dark chocolate cream. Known as “the most romantic biscuits”, the name Baci di Dama alludes to the unusual, though original, shape: two semi-spherical biscuits sandwiched together with a drop of dark chocolate resembling two lips intent on giving a kiss.

La Superiore family includes: La Superiore Baci Di Dama ChocolateLa Superiore Bauletti Strawberry Marmalade, La Superiore Bauletti Lemon Marmalade & La Superiore Fiocchi Marmalade