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La Superiore Baci Di Dama Chocolate (12 x 200g)

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Product Code: BS420 Carton Qty (Units): 12Unit Size: 200gGST Applicable: YesRegion: Campania Categories: , , ,

Baci di Dama” or “Lady’s Kisses” consist of two hazelnut cookies sandwiched together with dark chocolate. Known as “the most romantic biscuits”, the name Baci di Dama alludes to the unusual, though original, shape: two semi-spherical biscuits sandwiched together with a drop of dark chocolate resembling two lips intent on giving a kiss.

La Superiore family includes: La Superiore Baci Di Dama Lemon Chocolate, La Superiore Bauletti Strawberry Marmalade, La Superiore Bauletti Lemon Marmalade & La Superiore Fiocchi Marmalade