Established in 1993, Casa Italia Gourmet Food & Wines is a leading importer and distributor of Italian food and wine.

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Our Mussini range represents a long journey through time with the progression of balsamic vinegars. From a prestigious past and a strong direction for the future, Mussini provides high quality products with a passion for the land and its natural flavours and aromas. Whilst capturing a modern and elegant flavour, the range of balsamic vinegar portrays a historic background through the expression of its land of origin and dedication to a fine delicacy.

Mussini is recognised as an aristocratic balsamic vinegar, with great tradition. Our prestigious range is authentically produced in the region of Modena, which is known for its high calibre of aged balsamic vinegars including D.O.P. Tradizionale and 100 year old ‘il Grande Vecchio’.

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