Our Pastificio Venturino range of Italian pasta sauces are not only truly authentic, but also 100% organic. These sauces will ideally compliment any gourmet pasta, to produce an indulgent and delicious home-made dish, with a true Italian flavour. Produced from wholly organic ingredients, these sauces are not only good for you, but they will taste like ‘nonna’ used to make.

The passata “birra” by Pastificio Venturino is a product immersed in traditions. Whilst common place in many Italian households, the preserved tomato puree in a beer bottle will surely be a local favourite here in Australia.

For something a little different, our La Russolillo Pomodorini are small Italian whole tomatoes in passata, or our Crudo passata is made entirely from “San Marzano” tomatoes.


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