Established in 1993, Casa Italia Gourmet Food & Wines is a leading importer and distributor of Italian food and wine.

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Balsamic Vinegars

Balsamic Vinegars

The Mussini and PGM ranges represent a long journey through time along the sensation of balsamic vinegars. With a prestigious past, an eye to the future and a constant love for the land, balsamic vinegar brings together flavours and aromas to seek maximum quality and appeal from your degustation delight.

Mussini is recognised as an aristocratic balsamic vinegar, with a great tradition. Whilst remaining modern, elegant and refined, the range of balsamic vinegar offered is a true and full expression of its land of origin, and dedication to a fine delicacy. PGM is a more modern uptake on a classic product, with dressings and infusions suitable for many degustation purposes.

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