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What’s on in Italy? Wine in the Springtime

Held from the 2nd March, continuing every Sunday during that month, is an event which is considered the ‘Holy Grail of Italian wines’.  Rovescala (Pavia) hosts the annual ‘Wine in the Springtime’ festival which features Bonarda wines (which are close to extinction in Italy). The small town of Rovescala is located 80km southeast of Milan in the region of Lombardy. It is transformed into an open-air market attracting many people from throughout Italy. The festival offers a variety of market stalls providing food and wine, there are tastings, arts, crafts parades, concerts, vintage car rallies and fun for all the children. One feature of the event is the historical guides through the Rovescala vineyards which gives a clearer picture of the origins of Bonarda wine.

This mild but fruity and very tasty red wine is elusive in most of Italy, unless you happen to visit Roverscala where it has been produced for more than 800 years.  This delicious wine is made possible by the 156 farms positioned over the hills of Rovescala. The grapes which once flourish in Italy, is now hardly ever found and is more commonly associated with Argentina where it is the second most widely grown grape.

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