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What’s on in Italy? Vinitaly 2015

Vinitaly is called the “Premier International Wine Event” which attracts wine sommeliers, buyers and professionals from up to 120 countries around the world. The event gives an insight into current trends, technologies and innovations which have been developed by Italian wine producers.

Vinitaly is the biggest wine event in the World and is held in Verona, northeast Italy. The event has helped shape the progression of the national and international wine organization. Featuring an average of 3,000 wines from several dozen countries, the event provides an opportunity for organisations to exhibit to a generous audience. It is a great time for wineries to release new wines and wines styles or announce any partnerships which are being made with organic and biodynamic wine organisations or other wineries. 

The event is not only an exposition, but also a wine competition which is judged by five member panels which typically consists of two Italian judges, two members of the international wine press and an added ‘non-Italian’ judge. After calculating the average scores received by the five judges in the various categories (e.g. dry wine, sweet wine, still wine, sparkling wine, fortified wine etc) wines are awarded meals of Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

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