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Umbria combines history and modernism to central Italy. It is the only Italian region which has neither a coastline nor a border with other countries. Known for being the heart of the boot, Umbria is characterised by hills and historical towns; such as Assisi a World Heritage Site associated with St. Francis of Assisi. This small region is only made up of two provinces Perugia (regional capital) and Terni.

Filled with landscapes, traditions, history, artistic inheritance and influence on civilization; Umbria holds the greatest untouched landscapes which never fail to amaze those visits the region. It is the home of Italy’s largest lake, Lake Trasimeno which still has the remains of Etruscan settlements. The natural beauty of Cascate delle Marmore – a breathtaking waterfall near Terni, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful sites in Europe. Definitely a place to visit for all the outdoor sport lovers who enjoy canoeing and kayaking.

Within the province of Teri you will find Carsulae, an ancient Roman town traversed by ancient Via Flaminia, where important public buildings have been discovered. You can still see the remains of the S.Damiano Arch embraced by such beautiful surroundings.

Gubbio is the oldest village in Umbria which has reached its full splendour in the Middle Ages. The symbol of the town is the Consul’s Palace, the Cathedral which is one of the biggest attractions to reinforce Gubbio’s status as a jewel of Umbria. The town also hosts some spectacular festivals like the Corsa dei Ceri (Candle Race) and the Palio Balestra (a medieval crossbow contest on horseback).

When you travel to Italy you may think, ‘If I have seen one Duomo, I have seen it all…’. However, nestled within the city of Orvieto is one of the masterpieces of Italian Gothic art. Be sure to keep away from a 62 meter drop though – St. Patrick’s Well  is characterised by two spiral staircases that wind around the well but never meet. The town of Spoleto boasts on its thousand- year-old history which still preserves images from the past in its Medieval and Renaissance architecture.

Umbria is a small region which is famous for butchers who turn meat into delicacies like sausages, tasty hams and salami, which are to be eaten with unsalted bread to bring out the taste. Pecorino sheep’s cheese and fresh ripe goat’s milk cheese is Umbria’s best ‘mature’ range. A region which is filled with traditions, recipes and agricultural methods are still governed heavily by ancient rituals and superstitions. 

Soups consist of lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia, which are declared  the PGI mark by the European Union (Protected Geographical Indication). This affluent selection of dishes goes perfectly with high quality products like black truffle, very popular with pasta or with game.

Umbria is the home of many food festivals which attracts mostly locals. The town of Spello hosts a food festival each year around the beginning of February which focuses on bruschetta and olives. The Festival of San Martino is also held annual in November in the town of Sigillo, when the locals greet the winter months with wine and chestnuts.

Everything is seasoned with the olive oil which is produced in this region. The flavours enhance  any dish without upstaging any other ingredients. Umbrian oil of high quality is awarded with a PDO quality mark (Protected Designation of Origin).

Products from the region include our Terre Rosse and Villa Sibianna.