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Top 3 menu tricks!

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and spent more than you wanted? Restaurants devise these manipulative menus to make you spend more money then expected. It is called ‘menu engineering’, a clever and strategic way restaurants have tweaked to increase sales.

Notice those discreetly placed two or three digit numbers written in bold at the end of a dish description? Those absent dollar signs are the most powerful tactic which is put into place in the ‘menu engineers’ playbook. The subtle yet very effective ploy is a way of making customers relaxed and spend more according to Cornell University research as they do not think of the dollar value, when the dollar sign is not there.

Strategic decoys of higher priced dishes can be found on some menus. The one or two dishes that are higher in price than the rest, act as a decoy in making the other menu favourites look more affordable in price – this is not always the case.

Have you fallen for the rich descriptive language used to describe the succulent 100 day old beef tenderloin drizzled with a rich truffle sauce? Well, you have fallen for another strategy a menu has developed to further draw you in.  


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