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Simple, authentic Italian cuisine is on the menu!

Italian food in Australia is heading back to its roots with chefs focusing on simple, authentic dishes that highlight their heritage.

Cheesy garlic bread, pastas swimming in rich, creamy sauces and ham and pineapple pizzas – these are some of the ‘Italian’ dishes many Australians know and love, but a new (or should I say old?) approach to the cuisine is emerging and proving popular in Italian eateries across the country. 

Chefs and restaurateurs eager to showcase all that their country of origin has to offer are choosing to serve up simple dishes that contain as little as three ingredients, and they pride themselves on using only the finest produce. 

This is the premise behind Franco Franco, a new Italian restaurant situated in the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills.

 “We focus on the simplicity of the food itself – we do traditional Italian food where we cook like our families in Italy, and we use the best produce we can get in Australia,” says head chef, Francesco Armillis.

“My vegetable suppliers call me from the markets everyday and tell me what their best vegetables are. They might recommend the artichokes, and then I will use them in my specials.”

In keeping in-line with his simple approach to food, Armillis’ dishes contain very few ingredients.

“We use only three or four ingredients in our dishes, and sometimes we use two. We do a lamb dish for example – it is the main ingredient and then we combine it with another two ingredients – sage and rosemary – and don’t really mix it up.”

Marketing manager Mona Ibrahim says the main ingredient is the hero of the dish. “It’s about accentuating the product through other little ingredients, but it’s not about reinventing the wheel and being so innovative that you actually lose the spirit and true taste of the main ingredient.”

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