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‘Italian eateries must pasta the test’

Who has been to an Italian restaurant and ordered a pasta dish that just does not compare to Nonnas? Many Italian families swear in not ordering pasta when they go out to restaurants simply because they know that it can be made better at home.

Interestingly, Italy is now declaring war on the rest of the world’s restaurants and is asking ‘wannabe-authentic’ Italian restaurants to prove themselves to the National Chamber of Commerce and tourism body.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce is now seeking a seal of approval that restaurants must lodge and will be assessed by a panel in Rome in order to qualify to sell authentic Italian foods.

Beatrice Di Furia, secretary of the Queensland Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the program would promote authentic Italian experiences. “We try to raise awareness of original and authentic Italian [restaurants] if something is not from Italy, doesn’t follow the right process or use the right ingredients, it should not be called Italian.”

In order to provide authentic Italian food, restaurants should be using authentic Italian produce. The idea of having an Italian flag hanging out the front of the location does not necessarily qualify in being authentic.

Tony Percuoco, owner and executive chef of Tartufo resutrant said that the program will support the Italian culture.

Sourced from Hospitality Magazine