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Fabulous Friuli

Located in an area of north-eastern Italy, the region is bordered by the Livenza river, Carnic Alps, Timavo river and the Adriatic Sea. The northern part of the region is overwhelmed by mountains which surround the course of the Tagliamento river. Home to the Castellieri culture, the region comprises of four provinces – Trieste (regional capital), Gorizia, Pordenone and Udine.

With great variety of landscapes such as the impressive Carso plateau which has been formed by the windswept rocks and soil erosion creating a series of caves, hollows and resurgences over time. The rough formation is complemented by the rocky coast from Monfalcone to Trieste.

Many will say that Fruili looks like a ‘small universe with many different traditions: it is the land of contrasts’. Consisting of one of the most important towns of the Roman Empire – Aquileia. Aquileia is an archaeological site which is a dominant hub of the Christian world for the Central Europe. The landmark holds an array of magnificent 4th century mosaics, an impressive work of religious architecture.

There are several other towns and small villages which enrich the regions with their art and traditions, such as the Dolomites (another UNESCO World Heritage Site) showcasing extremely charming sceneries and colours both in winter in summer. Udine is no less charming, with its ancient castle and the valuable works of Giambattista Tiepolo.

A perfect region to escape to for its well know ski resorts such as Sella Nevea and Piancavallo, which offer kilometres of opportunities for hiking in the Cavanata Valley reservation or travel to the Prealps and Carnic Alps in the mountains for skiing and ice skating.

The sandy beaches and the crystal clear sea draw you to spend a day or more playing volleyball matches, water skiing and sailing. For those night time goers enjoy the variety of clubs, pubs and restaurants to further embrace this fantastic region!

Food is influenced by the Slavic, central European and Venetian cultures relying on simple recipes and authentic ingredients such as meat, dairy, sausages and legumes. Salame and pork meats are made in Friuli as well as a wide range of salames, soppressa, sausages and musèt con la brovada, (cotechino pork sausage served with turnips soured with marc).

Some of the classic dishes consist of polenta, “porcina” which is made with boiled pork meat and sausages served with sauerkrauts and mustard. Some of the most important products renowned from this area is Prosciutto of San Daniele, Montasio cheese and Sauris smoked ham.  

The sub-Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing white wine grapes which a great for making wines that recognised throughout the world. Chardonnays, pinot biancos, pinot grigios, rieslings, sauvignons, cabernets and merlots are all produced in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. From dry to sweet and white to red, there is a wine from this region to please every palate and to pair with every dish.

Products from this region include our Azienda Agricola Colutta range; Grappa di FriulanaVerduzzo Friulano Passito DOCPinot Grigio DOCChardonnay DOC and Friulano DOC.